I have re-discovered my love of illustration having neglected it for many years while making a living working in Graphic Design and Brand Building. But what to draw? My son suggested that we create a comic together. It was a no-brainer for me, this could be my inspiration to start illustrating again. I’ve had a lifelong love of film. He a lifelong love of comics. Each story although somewhat loosely would be based on real Canadian history. So join us down these Canadian Streets and enjoy the stuff that dreams are made of (and some nightmares).

Chapter One -

the British Columbia story

Chapter Two -

the Alberta story

Chapter 2 cover web.png

Chapter Three -

the Saskatchewan story

Chapter 3 Jax & Jillian coming soon S.pn

Here's the quick pitch... the original crime-solving comic series Jax & Jillian is a 12 - chapter action adventure that follows the voyageur Jax and sharpshooter Jillian who irrevocably change their lives when they decided to team up with an unlikely group of grass-roots characters. All of whom have a connection with history. Through their inter-provincial adventures, Jax & Jillian discover high-stakes economic terrorism with one goal in mind, make Canada crumble.

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