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March 4, 2018

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Wolf of Winter

I am very excited to start a new commission.




This work will be acrylic on stretched canvas. 30" x 40". This blog will take you through the process from start to finish giving an insight into my thought process and practical application of the paint. 


DAY 1  During my consultation with Mike and Fiona I found that they were unsure of what size to make their painting. I showed them very basic compositions at various canvas sizes positioned on the wall they wished to hang it.  This helped them decide what size to make their painting. They decided on 30" x 40".

DAY 2  I then drew the outline of the painting onto the canvas. I start out with washes to work out tones and then I built up the detail with layers.



I definitely need music to work. The silence of the studio can be very overwhelming and music helps me get started. The key is to find music that suits my mood since it’s not always the same. 


Over the next couple painting sessions I continue to build the colour. Mike wanted the painting to contain greys and a blurred forest background.



The Wolf's eyes are very important to the success of this painting. Fiona did not want a mean looking wolf but a "beautiful" wolf. BUT a Wolf is not a dog, so the eyes must have a "wild" feel to them.




DAY 5 Time to stand back and take a look at what's what. I decided to further refine the hair and colouring. Painting in white highlight hairs to further separate the wolf from the background. The painting composition needed some reconsidering and using the rule of 3 I added some snowy twigs to the lower right hand side. This really helped to frame in the wolf's face and create a better spatial relationship.




DAY 6 The finishing touches... fix hair between eyes, enhance the snow covered tree, add some twigs to the right side and darken left side somewhat. Add the hidden image into the painting that Mike wanted.



 DAY 7 Mike and Fiona have a look at their painting for the first time. The painting has not been varnished incase they wish a change made.


They liked it!





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