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Artwork commissions are often requested of me by private individuals, by the government, or businesses. People commission art for all sorts of things! Art is perfect to commemorate a special moment, just for laughs, to frame, for personal or business use. My approach to capture spirit of the subject makes a piece of art that will be constant topic of conversation and admiration for years to come. If you would like to commission a painting from me please contact her through the email to discuss your ideas. Composition, materials, style, price and other details of the commission will be discussed. Feel free to reach out to me as I am open for commissions.


Style or medium

I work in every artist material; oil, acrylic, pen and ink, airbrush etc. I can draw anything; portraits, buildings, vehicles, animals, etc. I can work in any style you request; abstract, realism, impressionism, illustrative, cartoon, etc. Now having said that I am not Van Gogh, I am my own artist and will always interject my own style into any work I do.


How much does art cost?

Since making art is a serious time investment for artists I too practice the standard of requesting half payment to be made up-front after the details are sorted and the other half at completion.  The price is adjusted accordingly up to the cost of material, size and work involved.

Important to know:

The client will have an opportunity to view his/her artwork 1-3 times during the process. The length of time it will take to complete the art piece will depend on the chosen medium, size and theme of the commission. 

Please contact me via email shersart@telus.net.