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 Are you crazy about heroes, villains, human endeavor, myths and history? Us too!


Based in the interior of British Columbia, Canada, Tyler and I are the creators of this self published comic. Jax & Jillian is a crime-solving comic series. This multi - chapter action adventure follows the voyageur Jax and Olympian Jillian as they irrevocably change their lives when the Lyin King and his cohorts set their sights on expanding into Canada. Jax & Jillian along with an unlikely group of grass-roots characters show that although Canadians are friendly neighbours, they won’t be pushed around. As the Jax & Jillian comic series unfolds the Defender Alliance rises up against a powerful man's ‘Merican expansionism and his desire to annex Canada’s economic freedom for his personal benefit.

Available for purchase here..

Chapter 1

Vancouver, British Columbia

Chapter 2

Southern Alberta

Chapter 3

Moose jaw, Saskatchewan

See the art that creates the look and feel of Sugar High Blues

Classic legends from the 30's and 40s inspired the look of "Sugar High Blues" - Chapter 3. The style of crime stories during the 30s was a perfect fit for the Al Capone-isk romanticizing of the Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan storyline. 

Join us down these Canadian Streets and enjoy the stuff that dreams are made of

(and some nightmares). If you want to see my latest updates, please follow me on Facebook:

If you want to purchase an Art Print digital download from the comic book you will

find them here in my shop

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