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meet the beast.

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The day I bought the 1979 Class C Vandura

Having a mobile art studio is something I've dreamed of for years and I took the plunge a few years back by purchasing a 1979 GMC Vandura motorhome from a friend. It only had 64,000 km on it and I loved it's perfect size, only 20' and the functional floor plan. Since the RV only cost $3,000, I considered it well worth a budget customization.

I've lovingly called my motorhome "the Beast" because when you buy an old RV it will feel like a big job when you repair, upgrade and customize it. You better love it because you will be working on it and working on it and always working on it. But then again having owned old and new RV's in the past I knew ALL RV's have issues. A used one was a better fit for me because I want to customize it into a mobile art studio.

RV Modifications and Upgrades

Over the years RVing in The Beast I have made a fair number of improvements. I like to call these beautifications; “Beastifications”. The more time I spend in it the more I start to come up with things I can change to improve it and make it a great place to work from. 

before and after.jpg
before and afters 3.jpg
before and afters 8.jpg
before and afters 2.jpg
before and afters 5.jpg
before and afters 7.jpg

Get Inspired

I hope my little vintage RV has brought a smile to those who enjoy RVing, exploring, nature, fishing and art. It's always fun to make something old new again.


Have fun RVing!

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