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you can download my art prints

I'd like to tell you about what my Art Print Digital Downloads are all about. If you enjoy my art then this is a different way for you to support me and help me to create more of it!

With your $10.00 purchase, you can print, for personal use, your digital art print at home or use a printing service. You can use the digital file as a desktop background or smart phone wallpaper and as always I'm very very thankful to my patrons they're brilliant! If all of this sounds like something that would float your canoe then you can go ahead and purchase a digital download of the featured artworks below, save it to your device and boom: it's yours! 

This is my newest painting available for digital download

The Eagle Has Landed

Painted April 12th, 2022

Exploring the technique I will be using to illustrate Chapter 4 of the Jax & Jillian comic I recalled pencil drawings that also used a light wash of colour. This technique is often used by a naturalist in their illustrations.  I remember looking through a book about the work of John James Audubon so long ago in Art School. So I thought why not? Let's try this style. The inspiration for this drawing is me, looking forward to my May fishing trip where I am sure to see an Eagle land.

The Eagle Has Landed - Sherrie Cannell Web.jpg

True North, True Love 

Sketches and Progress

Would you like to become part of my creative journey? The Art Box is a place where I share all my behind the scenes creative processes with fellow art adventure enthusiasts. Here you will see projects that I am currently working on, paintings, illustrations, sketchbook stuff, and some things that I will never post anywhere else.

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