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The Artist and The Beast

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Aerial Forest


Illustrations and Paintings 

Artist Holding a Paintbrush

Studio Clearout

I need to make room in my studio for new paintings! I am totally excited about embarking on my new works and this is a unique chance for you to purchase selected original pieces at a special price. 

50% off

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Looking at Paintings

 what people say.


Sherrie did an amazing painting of a wolf for us. Everyone comments on it. Incredible detail.

We love it!


Wow - that is an amazing painting. Very life like! And I can attest the likeness to my cousin is spot on! What a great gift idea.


Yes!!!!! We got it and absolutely love the painting..... depicts our Saskatchewan beautifully!

My RV - My Mobile Art Studio

In the fall of 2016, I purchased a 1979, 19' Class C motorhome, it was perfect. For me remodeling my RV, which I aptly dubbed The Beast, meant turning her into a home and a studio. The thing about class C RVs is that everything comes pretty standard as far as factory amenities. You have your 1979 wallpaper and upholstery, plus repair needs both mechanical and structural. Ultimately I wanted my RV studio to have my vision of décor on a budget while adding both comfort, safety, and functionality. 

me fishing.jpg

sherrie cannell.

I first started making artwork like most children when I was very young, by the time I finished high school I was on my way to art college. I graduated from a 4 years arts program at Alberta College of Art in Canada and was employed as an illustrator/graphic designer. Thus began a long professional career in advertising with successful participation in many art shows along the way. Today, I'm making my living as an illustrator and fine artist.


I find passion in what I'm doing every day. Thank you for having a look at my website and my art.

Send questions/comments/hellos/etc:

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